April 1, 2015

Sputtering Components, Inc. Releases CM-Series External End Block

Sputtering Components proudly announces the official product release of the CM external mount end block.

As with all SCI cathodes, the CM-Series endblock offers a customizable drive shaft length, simple design, and the patented water fill and drain feature.  What makes this product unique is the ability to place dual cathodes in a 220mm space and the flexibility in target sizes it can accommodate - both standard 125mm ID targets or smaller, 80mm ID targets.  It will easily support a target length of up to 1000mm.

Measuring just 257mm x95.3mm, this end block’s average weight is just 17 kgs, making the CM-Series end block an ideal choice for small sputtering systems with limited space.  It is designed to run with up to 20kW DC or 80 kHz MFAC, 1500v/50A.

The magnet bar externally adjusts to any angle and the drive motor has a 360⁰positioning capability.  With an easy access water seal cartridge and the simple design of this cathode, maintenance on SCI end blocks can easily be done by the customer’s maintenance team.

The CM external end block, along with SCI’s RAM-Bar™, will be on display at the SVC TechCon, booth #611. For more information and technical data, please contact us at sales@sputteringcomponents.com