April 1, 2015

SCI Announces Official Release of Remotely Adjustable Magnet Bar

Sputtering Components proudly announces the official product release of the Remotely Adjustable Magnet Bar or RAM-Bar™. 

This magnet bar allows customers to adjust the distance between the magnet pack and the target surface from outside the vacuum chamber during processing.  As a result, the user can adjust deposition uniformity in real time. 

The RAM-Bar™ is a self-contained system that uses fiber optics to send and receive data from a host computer..  The design of the magnet pack allows for a total movement range of 20mm at each adjustment node with +/- 50μm precision.  These combined attributes make uniformity in the range of +/-0.5% achievable.

Simple system deployment and configuration of multiple RAM-Bars™ is possible using unique IP addresses and automated system identification.  Multiple bars are controlled using a single networked computer.

The RAM-Bar™ is compatible with standard and unmodified SCI rotary cathodes and 125mm ID rotary targets, reducing cost and complexity.  The battery is designed to last multiple coating campaigns before recharging is required.

The RAM-Bar™, along with SCI’s CM external cathode, will be on display at the SVC TechCon, booth #611. For more information and technical data, please contact us at sales@sputteringcomponents.com