July 13, 2015

SCI Announces Modeling Capabilities and Services

January 7, 2015

Sputtering Components is pleased to announce that enhanced modeling tools are available as a free service for all SCI customers.

In recent months, SCI has purchased two significant modeling applications to assist with internal diagnostics on core products, as well as products in the Research and Development department.  The modeling capabilities this software provides are invaluable in helping SCI move forward with new and improved products.

SCI also understands the process needs of their clients. “By giving our customers access to this service, they now have the ability to simulate their process and to look for adjustments in system hardware and process settings that will help improve their thin film processes, “ said Patrick Morse, Senior Applications and Development Engineer for SCI.

COMSOL Multi-Physics Modeling

The COMSOL Multi-Physics Modeling capabilities include:

  • 3D thermal and flow modeling for target water cooling;
  • Mechanical stress analysis;
  • 2D and 3D sputter flux collection efficiency modeling;
  • 2D and 3D magnetic modeling; and
  • 3D gas distribution and pressure analysis for vacuum systems.

Solidworks Simulation

Solidworks simulation is capable of performing mechanical and structural analysis in order to support and gain a better understanding of product designs, such as outboard end support structures, deflection reduction in lid weldments, and also to consider other safety factors for structures and materials.

For more information regarding the Sputtering Components’ simulation tools, contact Patrick Morse at PMorse@sputteringcomponents.com.